Monday, December 3, 2018


This blog will feature small original works of art.

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All paintings are oil paint on panel. It will be framed in a simple wood frame, either white, neutral or black. In some cases, it will be described as a cradled panel, which is illustrated in the photograph. The cradled panel is hung directly on the wall without a frame.  Visit my "Order Your Painting Here" page for details.

Please check back often, as I will be uploading images frequently.  Please scroll down to see works currently available.  Each painting is priced at  $390 and includes shipping.   Scroll down to see what paintings are available.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Palms 9x12

An impasto painting done plein air of palms on an old Florida ranch.

Live Oak 9x12

This Oak is in the neighborhood where I grew up. I spent many happy hours climbing in it.

The Buena Vista Inn 10x8

This is an old fashioned motel in New Smyrna Beach,Florida. It sits by the Mosquito Lagoon not far from the ocean. You can sit outside at night and look at the stars.

Twilight 8x10

This painting was also done at Sebastian Inlet. With the gathering dusk, the colors became muted and quiet, but the water still shone with it's lovely ocean blue.

The Birds 9x12

A humorous painting reminiscent of the Hitchcock movie where the birds go rogue. I also found it amusing to paint the tailgate and chainlink fence, not your usual subject matter.